[Press article, Interview in the magazine Sabot de Vénus n°49 de Franche Compté.]


Interview with Alexis Bourgeois!

Alexis' work was highlighted in an article published in the magazine Sabot de Vénus n°49 from Franche Compté (France).

Indeed, Mission spider is involved in improving knowledge about spiders in Bourgogne - Franche Compté!

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[Participation to the seasonal letter of the association of Ecologistes of Euzière, an association for education and environmental advices]


We wrote an article for the Echoes of Ecolo !

As you know, we love to talk about our passion. The 06/25/2019, the Ecologistes of Euzière gave us the opportunity to do so !

Here, you can look at the PDF for free !



[Stand "Biodiversity"] May 25th 2019

Biodiversity Challenges of Arles (CPIE)

Presentation stand of Arachnids with Marine Trillat, Lilou Leonetti & Julien Leteurtre

Information: [Stand "Biodiversity"] May 25th from 10 am!

> Come and meet us on Saturday at the Grand Biodiversity

Challenges of Arles led by the CPIE Rhône-Pays d'Arles!

> We will introduce you to spiders from France and elsewhere, as well as other beasts whose presence you may not know in our countries!


Invited by the CPIE Rhône-Pays d'Arles, our stand "biodiversity" has attracted a lot of curious! Thank you to all those who have been able to overcome their fears to discover our world and marvel with us at our eight-legged friends! 🕷


[Field excursion] March 24th 2019

Meeting with french Tarantulas :

Field excursion with Lilou Leonetti

Information: [Field trip] March 24th 2019 at 1pm!

> Come and meet us Sunday afternoon for a field session with Lilou Leonetti as part of the Faune Group of Ecologists of the Euzière!

> After following the March 20 conference on the scary french spiders.... Let’s go and meet them on the Domaine de Restinclières!

With a little luck, we will be able to observe the famous tarantulas of France!

-> No reservation, departure to the Restinclières domain at 1pm!


The field trip on the Domaine de Restinclières, within the Faune Group of the Ecologists of the Euzière, ended on a without fail: we were able to observe a maximum of the bestiary of the site!

The star of the day: the mason tarantula (Nemesia caementaria) was very cooperative and was shot from all angles! She left us some beautiful pictures!

The Jumping Spider "with eyebrows" (Aelurius v-insignitus), the Velvet Epeire (Agelenatea redii) and the Yellow Scorpion (Buthus occitanus) of Languedoc were also there!

Around the pond, one could also encounter a quantity of wolf-spiders (Lycosidae), Linyphiidae in the surrounding bushes and especially two snakes (Natrix maura) actively hunting!

In short, a busy afternoon! Which will gladly renew! 🕷


[Conference] March 20th 2019

Spiders of France : this mediated monsters

Conference with Lilou Leonetti

Information: [conference] 20 March 2019

As part of the Groupe Faune of Ecologists of the Euzière

Discover the unloved spiders of France with a passionate, Lilou Leonetti from the Mission Spider association.

Why do spiders scare us? Maybe it’s not so obvious... and especially not so rational!

> Meet at 7:30 pm at the Ecologistes de l'Euzière

> Free and open event


Thank you for your presence and your enthusiasm yesterday at Lilou's conference! 🕷


[Conference] March 19th 2019

Comportemental Fun Facts about Spiders !

Conference with Lilou Leonetti

Informations: [conference] 19 March 2019

As part of the Groupe Faune by Ecologistes de l'Euzière

Unusual love parades, strange diet... Come and learn more about these strange creatures with Lilou, Vice President of Mission Spider, passionate about spiders!

> Meet at 7:30 pm at the Ecologistes de l'Euzière

> Conference followed by a shared meal.

> Free and open event


Thank you for the warm welcome of the Ecologists of the Euzière and the public for this conference!

We inform you that everything went well and that Lilou did not eat anyone! Super atmosphere (sieved)!



Lilou wrote an article for Ouest France!

We got a little article from Ouest France!

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