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It is the members who give credibility and legitimacy to the association.

Being a member means being part of an active network of passionates who spread their wonder for the arachnids!

It also means being able to access various training courses.

Follow us in our expeditions through our "E-Travel Diary".

And plenty of other benefits!

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By supporting us, you support research in a very little explored field: arachnology.

The world is full of discoveries to make. Each year we discover about 18,000 new species, 75% of which are invertebrates.

The latest scientific reports estimate that we may have described only 1/6th of the arachnids of our beautiful planet!

This taxon suffers from the clichés conveyed and the poor vision of the public, as it paves the way for new technologies (bulletproof vest, drugs, biomaterials, ...) and new ways of understanding the world around us (biological control, study of environmental DNA, ...).

It is therefore very important to break these misconceptions that pollute our vision of spiders, to train the new generation of arachnologists and to continue studies concerning these fabulous eight-legged beings that will never fail to amaze us!

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What is an "intervenor"?

The missions of the association are diversified: you are passionate about bugs and greenery of all kinds and you want to be part of a larger project, as well as share your knowledges and make them grow?

Join us as an "intervenor"!

The Intervenor Member must have skills/knowledge in one or more taxa(s), he/she will be required to participate directly (in the field) shipments, or indirectly through the processing and valuation of the collected data.

He/she is thus committed to actively participate in the projects of the association.

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